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    What to Take to University Checklist – 103 Important Items

    Wondering what to take to uni for 1st year? Here’s a handy checklist of everything you might need for your first year of university.

    THROWBACK: We were given this at college and I thought it may come in useful for any other new students! It was written for us by a university student, so she probably knows what she’s on about!

    MASSIVE TIP: Aim to travel light and don’t pack over-excessively! Your room will become cluttered, so take everything that you definitely need. With that being said, this is everything that I took in my first year of university, and useful extras that I found on The Student Room! UK folk: Aim to shop at places like Wilkos, Argos, and Ikea – in summer they do a big student event! Have fun!

    P.S. Try saving up over summer – your loans will go in AFTER fresher’s week!


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    • Duvet – you won’t be provided with this at uni so make sure this is something that is packed!
    • Bottom sheets x2
    • Pillows x2 (or to your preference)
    • Pillowcases
    • Blanket/fleece/throw
    • Bath towels and hand towels x2


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    • Clothes and shoes
    • Family photographs
    • Pins/Bluetac
    • Posters
    • Door wedge
    • Desk lamp (most places provide them though)
    • Small rubbish bin (again, a bin is provided in most places)
    • Laptop/tablet
    • Extension leads
    • Small printer (most unis charge to print THE NERVE)
    • Headphones
    • Batteries
    • Alarm clock (if people still use those?)
    • Docking station
    • Screwdriver
    • Musical instrument (if you play one)
    • Books/DVDs – don’t bring everything under the sun, only the essentials you need
    • Weekend bag/holdall
    • University course textbooks (all the books on your reading list are in the library, so save £100+ by loaning them out or seeing if they come in e-book form – textbooks are so expensive!)
    • Laundry basket/bag
    • Drying rack – get this when you arrive at uni! Wilkos do them for £5
    • Washing powder/liquid/colour catchers


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    • Paper (if printing)
    • Notepads – perhaps one for each module to stay organised
    • Pens/pencils
    • Highlighters
    • Memory stick/hard drive
    • Pen pot
    • Scissors
    • Sellotape
    • Stapler/hole punch
    • Ringbinders
    • Calendar
    • Student planner/diary


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      • Passport
      • Driving license (ID)
      • NHS card
      • National insurance number
      • Bank debit card/s
      • Railcard
      • Exam certificates
      • CV and references


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      • Toothbrush/toothpaste
      • Shampoo/conditioner/shower gel (I’d suggest stocking up before you go)
      • Face wipes/everyday moisturiser
      • Skincare
      • Hairbrush
      • Make-up/make-up remover
      • Sanitary products
      • Contacts (if required)
      • Copy of prescription (if required)
      • Tweezers
      • Mouthwash
      • Hand soap

      TIP: You will be emailed a week before you move into your accommodation asking you to print a form regarding you moving your NHS details to university; make sure you do this ASAP, as if you’re not registered there will be a longer waiting time if you want to see a doctor.

      First Aid Items

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      • Plasters
      • Soothing cream
      • Cold/flu remedy (Fresher’s Flu is indeed real! It may hit you around the end of fresher’s week)
      • Soothers
      • Hay fever tablets

      TIP: To avoid flu at uni make sure you go to your GP and get the Meningitis jab, as the majority of people are required to have it before going to uni. You may get a text/email/letter about this and no, it doesn’t hurt!


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      TIP: Some accommodations don’t allow you to have a kettle in your room so check beforehand. The majority of accommodations will have a checklist on their website regarding what appliances are in the kitchen so check there first to see what you need to take! Kettles and toasters are usually supplied – but it is worth checking.

      Take one or two of each pan! If you take big multi-packs they will take up space in your cupboards and you might not even use all of them!

      • Toastie maker – I’m putting this first because I use mine a lot and it’s so easy!
      • Frying pan
      • Saucepan
      • Mixing bowl
      • Flat baking tray
      • Tin opener
      • Measuring jug
      • Cutlery
      • Chopping knives – Wilkos does a knife block and a set of knives for £5
      • Chopping board
      • Kitchen scissors
      • Tea towels
      • Sieve/strainer
      • Pizza cutter
      • Recipe book
      • Bin bags
      • Spatula
      • Cheese grater
      • Bottle opener
      • Plates/bowls
      • Small casserole dish
      • Masher
      • Tupperware/plastic tubs
      • Tin foil
      • Clingfilm
      • Glasses
      • Mugs
      • Plastic drinks bottle
      • Flask
      • Washing up liquid – stock up!

      If you want to cook any tasty slow cooker recipes, you’ll have to take that too. Same goes for blender and juicer.

      Basic Food Essentials

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      • Salt and pepper
      • Herbs and spices
      • Sugar
      • Ketchup
      • Tea/coffee/hot chocolate
      • Cooking oil/spray
      • Packet foods
      • Cereal
      • Dilute squash
      • Tinned foods
      • Pasta sauce

      If your car isn’t a tardis then you can always just take the essentials that you need from Day 1 and some money. Then buy the rest when you’re down there.

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