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    Photography in York

    Hey guys, here’s a new feature that should come every Monday (late today – good start) – the best bits from my week I wanna share with you guys ^_^

    Friday, 26th February 2016:
    So today I went to York with Nicki, my friend, to take photos for her photography coursework. You know, she wanted someone to go with, and I wanted to try out my new phone’s camera. Anyway, she got a Subway on the way, and we took a park and ride to the city centre. We went to the Museum Gardens, which had some beautiful, well, gardens, although the flowers aren’t out yet and the air was a bit nippy. Then we headed to the York Minster, which is always stunning, even on a cloudy day like today. It’s a shame they charge to look round those old places. We went to get a drink, and walked down the Shambles, an old, narrow cobble Street steeped in history I can’t remember. I never realised how many cute places there are to eat tucked away; it’s definitely worth visiting if you get the chance. We must have blended right in with the tourists. Nicki found one of those shops that sell overpriced bits and bobs that you really don’t need (looked a bit hippy to me), but she liked it. It’s not often I get to spend time with her. All in all a good day. Look at some of the pics!



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