Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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    Two Graduations!

    Who knew when I started this job and sponsored degree 3 years ago that I’d move out 9 days later, learn to drive in a week, travel the world, and exactly 3 years after be sitting in front of the arc de Triomf in Spain finding out I’d got a first class degree.

    Recently I graduated with a first class honours degree in Professional Business Practice and completed a degree-level apprenticeship. It’s been a busy 3 years. I worked full-time in 4 different roles, while studying a full degree. I was/am screwed over by the company and never got equal pay. I had to work part-time as well just to make up the bills. I also studied part-time to become a Chartered Manager and member of the Chartered Management Institute.

    2 of those 3 years were full of travelling and extreme sports around the world. And countless other things. It’s busy. Hence, I was in Barcelona enjoying this view when I found out:

    And at the end of 2019, it all came together. I got 4 qualifications in the space of a month (degree, apprenticeship, CMI, and Food Safety because I was bored).

    The first graduation was at the City Hall, all gowned up to celebrate the degree. Walked across the stage and stopped to wave at the people that liked me and especially the ones who hated me. Then a photo shoot on the steps, and a professional one underground. Then classy/boozy afternoon tea with my classmates to celebrate the apprenticeship. And then I finished it off by going to dinner with the girl I’d liked for longer than I’d like to admit. Bittersweet, but nothing a buffet can’t fix!

    university graduation

    Then the second graduation came. At the racecourse – my favourite place. I massively misjudged the formality of this event, opting for a shirt. No tux. And there’s a red carpet with photographer waiting on arrival. But I just about pulled it off:

    05/12/19 Nestle Academy Awards, York Racecourse. All Rights Reserved: F Stop Press Ltd. +44 (0)7765 242650

    So all in all, a busy month. Now there’s no more graduations, qualifications all at once, let’s see what happens next.

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