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    Recruitment Process Red Flags

    Here’s some things to look out for during a recruitment process that may mean the company’s not all that!

    Being rushed tight deadlines. If the company pressures you to make a decision or fill in a form within X hours, it’s a sign they don’t want you to reflect. Always sleep on it and reflect.

    Lots of bad company reviews. Look on websites like GlassDoor to read other people’s experiences from within the company. Obviously the recruitment team or agency will talk about all the positives (which may or may not be true), but it’s worth hearing from real people. If everyone hates working there, you might want to think twice about stepping further into the application.

    BONUS: Same goes for negative press about the company. If there are articles about the employer scamming customers and clients, evading tax, etc., it’s a sign they might be immoral. Speaking from experience, a business that’s immoral on the outside is often every more corrupt on the inside.

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    Not meeting them in person. If you’ve only ever done video/phone interviews, that should raise a red flag. You definitely want to see where you’ll be working before making such a huge commitment. Worst case scenario – it could be a scam. Best case – their prime properties could be boiler room operations.

    Bonus: If the job was too easy to get, don’t run headfirst into it. Things that seem too good to be true often are. Not always, but proceed with caution.

    They give vague answers to your questions. You want absolute clarity on such issues as commission and pay structure.

    Good luck! Those are some telltale signs of trouble. I experienced all of these when someone approached me for what became a hilarious hiring nightmare.

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