Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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    Those Weeks Where Everything Goes Wrong – Story Time

    When I woke up to no running water yesterday, I knew it’d be the sort of day I’d poke someone’s guide dog in the eye. It was literally nearly the blind leading the blind.

    Feeling all mucky from a broken shower, the boiler had just been fixed and now we needed a new shower and bath. I went to work feeling all mucky from lack of any kind of water, and prodded the aforementioned lady’s 6 year old labrador guide dog in the eye whilst she was using the bathroom. Not the best day, not the worst.

    The next day I had to get someone to an appointment to try to keep our income. We scrambled around to get there between the workmen stomping mud in and out of the house, and it turned out the appointment had changed buildings. And so we rushed there late while I had to park outside on a double yellow line on the busiest street in the city.

    Then it turned out they had cancelled the appointment all along and just not told us. So while I picked them up, I crashed the car. Not my car, my family’s.

    So it turned out that my one day off of the month began with no water, hurting a dog, broken boiler, broken shower, a wasted trip to the city, and crashing someone else’s car, repairs, and all the insurance charges.

    My day off ended up costing hundreds of pounds, and I didn’t even do anything fun! So take heart; if you’ve been through the wringer, you’re not alone.

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