Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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    My Life Goals

    Ambitious, but I’m determined. These are my life goals. Written in 2016.

    Hooray for the first proper post on this blog! By the way, if anyone can shed some light on whether or Blogger are better, please do. 2023 update: Even better, I ended up going for And nobody’s heard of Blogger anymore.

    Now, a few years ago – even a couple – had you asked me what I wanted to do for a living, I’d have said, “I have no idea.” One thing that has changed this last couple of years, though, is that answer.

    Where to live

    I live in a little town that most people can’t wait to get away from. Do you wanna know what the most exciting thing is that happened here recently? A new Greggs opened. In fact, we already had one; it just moved.

    First, I realised where I wanted to live my life. Perhaps it’s cus I watched too much Friends, but that place became New York. New York City, which is quite ambitious considering not only do I live in a different country, but I also live on a whole other continent, in a small, stupid town in England (where London is). Plus, today I saw this awesome video on YouTube about snowboarding in the New York blizzard. Anyway, that’s where I wanna be. There’ll be no dissuading me.

    2023 update: I did go to NYC in late 2017 for Christmas. It was magical. But I don’t want to live there. So I keep travelling around the world now.

    New York City, My Life goals
    Look at that! LOOK AT IT!

    What to do

    With college, I’m on course to pursue a finance degree at university, even though that’s really not what I wanna do. I just always have been better at maths than anything else. But to be totally honest, nothing bores me more than the thought of grinding away 40+ hours a week on something I won’t be passionate about and that won’t produce any meaningful results.

    Some would argue that the point is you get paid and then can spend it on nice experiences and holidays, but I don’t think there’d be enough of that to justify the hours. I’m one of those people that would rather be adventuring and doing something they love than getting paid lots for an office job.

    2023 update: I did exactly that. Quit a well-paid miserable job in favour of being happy chasing experiences on far-flung beaches.

    I was one of the few people who knew not what they wished to do for a career, but rather where they wanted to do it. However, that all changed around December 12, 2015, with the opening of my YouTube channel. Although it only has 27 subscribers to date, right now that is what I want to do full-time. I love making the videos, I love the lifestyle that YouTubers live, and I love the opportunities it affords.

    So, my life goals may seem a long shot, but that’s what I want so very much.

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