Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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    Quiet Weekend with the Dog

    Hey guys how’s it going!? I hope you all had a lovely week just been; in England it snowed a little bit. Here it literally snowed loads for a few minutes and all disappeared within an hour. It was fun seeing grown office workers staring out the window and Snapchatting it though XD

    It was just a quite week really – stressing over coursework and doing anything but work.

    On the weekend I met my grandparents in their favourite cafe for lunch which was lovely – it’s busy but cosy and closed off enough to have proper chats, you know? Also really warm. And yesterday we all had a game of Scrabble haha, I’m so sad. Being an English student I should have won, but I struggle with anything beyond four letter words.

    Oo, also I did the ten-minute stripped down challenge, in which you talk to the camera for, you guessed it, ten whole minutes, without any cuts or edits. Needless to say it was nerve wracking haha.

    Finally, enjoy Pepe trying to join us at the table before getting really tired.


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