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Visiting Lincoln


Hey guys, hope your week was good! I went to Lincoln!

Saturday 12 March 2016:

Todayyy we went to Lincoln – Lincoln’s that little city like right in the middle of England. It’s like a little York really. Went to the university for a visit and it was, well, interesting.

The uni itself was actually a bit disappointing – like, it was so grey and ugly and run-down. That top photo is from the campus, so you can tell it’s got nice views. We went to explore the city pretty soon because, you know, you gotta get a feel for the place.


So Lincoln has rivers that go round (and you can actually kayak in them!), and the uni overlooks the waterfront (river). This is the side they get all their leaflets’ pictures from because it’s the only nice side, plus all the pictures of the uni are at night which says a lot. But anyway, on the other side of the river there’s possibly the coolest Wagamama ever that’s like built above the river, and some other shops. And if you just look up to the cathedral and walk that way, you go past loads of eateries, and we picked one called Churchill’s because it had some free tables, and I got a full English breakfast for a fiver! Carrying on, you go up a steep hill (not as steep as in Cornwall, but still). The hill’s actually called Steep Hill, and it’s got little touristy shops everywhere, selling fudge and chocolate and all sorts.


At the top you literally look right and there’s Lincoln Cathedral staring at you, and it’s gorgeous. A bit smaller than York Minster maybe. And then you turn left and literally, two minute’s walk from the cathedral, is Lincoln Castle with two cannons outside. It’s a wall surrounding a grassy area and people walk right in and sit on the lawns. Did you know that Lincoln is the only place in the world with both a copy of the Magna Carta (four left in the world) and of the 1217 Charter of the Forest?


Lincoln’s a really touristy place like York, and I think that its couple of pretty streets are actually prettier than those of York, although York has more streets that are pretty. Lincoln’s got like one. But anyway, they have a Primark! The only place you can get a whole outfit for £20! So yeah, that took up most of the rest of the day.


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