Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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    Krakow, Poland – 3 Best Attractions

    Poland has the friendliest people, delicious local food, and a rich history they have preserved. And cheap alcohol. Here are the best Krakow attractions.

    Wieliczka Salt Mine

    Krakow, Poland - 3 Best Attractions

    The Wielczka salt mine is one of the world’s oldest, at 700 years. It produced ~27,000,000 tonnes of salt, has 2,000 chambers, and 3,000km of tunnels. That’s huuuuge.

    Schindler’s Factory & Auschwitz

    If you’re ever in Krakow, Poland, you must tour Schindler’s Factory museum. It provides such a context of Nazi rule and the terrible things they did leading up to the Holocaust.

    Auschwitz was surreal – you need to get a tour where they’ll show you all the artefacts – the combs, shoes, hair left behind by the millions of victims. It’s eerie, like it’s not real.

    Krakow, Poland - 3 Best Attractions

    St Mary’s Basilica:

    Krakow, Poland - 3 Best Attractions

    Poland has delicious soups and stews, cheap drinks, and wild pub crawls. So to see it all in one of my favourite videos so far, take a look:


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