Monday, June 17, 2024

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    My Mad Ibiza Trip

    I write this to you from Ibiza Airport, Spain. A friend and I were wanting a lads’ trip – watersports by day, The Hangover by night. And it really, really delivered.

    Day 1, we arrive and pick up the rental car – a blue Fiat 500 with a glass sunroof – and immediately I’m having to drive on the wrong side of the road (something I did very capably might I add). Overtaking in the opposite lane, giving way to the other side of the roundabout, it’s so confusing. Oh, and I drove up a one-way street and had to reverse the whole way back down with some guy driving into my bonnet.


    Turkey tries to rip you off, but Ibiza rips you off before you even arrive. My car cost three times more than the quote – bang and the budget is gone!

    I ate proper paella, tapas (octopus, Spanish omelette, patatas bravas), and cuttlefish. Octopus is like squid but worse, and you can see all the tentacle-y things.

    I jet skiid (again), hiked a dangerous peninsula, and went cliff jumping, which was probably the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done. No certified company, instructor, or even other people were diving. We just found a gorgeous little bay with transparent water and coral and sea life everywhere, and I jumped off a cliff into it. We returned the next day, and I nearly got stung by a jellyfish. The whole cove was covered in baby jellyfish where I’d jumped in the day before.


    The water hits you like brick wall. Probably didn’t help that I just flopped in.

    We also went on an evening sangria/watersports cruise to witness the famous Ibiza sunset. With an open bar. And kayaking, snorkelling, & paddle boarding. Amazing night.

    The big clubs weren’t open yet in May, but there was still a mad night out to be had. The street just went as follows: Irish pub, club, strip club, Irish pub, club, strip club. I wanted a night like The Hangover, and got two. However, what they don’t show in the films is the actual hangover!┬áToday’s been a total write-off. And led straight to heat exhaustion. Let’s just say, mistakes were made. I lost my card and all my money, broke my brand new phone, and have a fair few regrets. I suppose one good thing became of it: I decided never to drink again… That’s why the song in the video is Borderline – there were lots of good bits, but plenty of bad too.

    So my memory of Ibiza will forever be marred by those nights out, but there were some ups for sure – the sunset cruise was a highlight, and I did another extreme sport in cliff jumping, as well as tasting delicious food… and octopus.



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