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    HiSmile Review 2022 – Honest Review after One Month

    The iconic teeth-whitening dummy that celebrities wear in the adverts. Is it all it’s cracked up to be? I tried it for a month. Here is the honest HiSmile review.

    HiSmile has refreshed their formula and rebranded it as “PAP+” (short for phthalimidoperoxycaproicacid acid). They claim that it’s added new secondary ingredients to produce a quicker result. The company claims that 1 PAP+ treatment can accomplish results that previously took 6 days of treatment. Let’s review HiSmile’s new products.

    The Kit – HiSmile Review

    Hismile review
    PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit

    The £99 (used to be £60) HiSmile beginners’ kit comes with the mouthpiece and attaching device, which lights up blue and times you for 10 minutes before beeping to signify you’ve finished. It also contains 6 pods for a total of 6 uses.

    The gels get to work on your teeth, and the blue light emitted from the device supposedly accelerates its work. However, that seems more of a marketing gimmick.

    Does It Work? – HiSmile Review

    HiSmile Review 2022 - Honest Review after One Month

    You may be wondering, does HiSmile work? The answer is: yes. But: it does not work miracles. It won’t turn black to white. Instead, it’ll colour your teeth a couple shades lighter on the above chart.

    It does work better than the previous formula, producing results closer to a professional whitening treatment.

    The downside is the price. The kit might last you a year for £99, whereas Smile Direct Club’s very effective kit will last the same time but for only $67.

    Whether it’s worth it for you depends on your disposable income and how much you care about the appearance of your smile.

    Review: The most overpriced piece of whitening kit. If you want to jump into HiSmile, buy this when on sale.

    Refill Pods – HiSmile Review

    Hismile review
    PAP+ Teeth Whitening Pods

    Once you’ve got your kit and are onto the gels, whitening your teeth becomes more affordable. 3 refill gels will set you back £39 (used to be £20) – each one containing 6 pods for 6 total uses. But when you think about it, is £20 for 9ml reasonable?

    This is where HiSmile is worth the money. It keeps your teeth topped up for a more affordable amount.

    Review: best value for money in the HiSmile range.

    PAP+ Mouthwash – HiSmile Review

    HiSmile Coconut Mouthwash

    The old coconut oil mouthwash has been replaced by PAP+ Mouthwash. It’s the same formula as the whitening treatment, in a 30ml bottle.

    The mouthwash & toothpastes are more for maintenance of your shiny smile, rather than getting them white in the first place. This is because the results are less pronounced than with the actual whitening kit.

    Review: Consider this if there’s a sale on, or as part of a kit. Nothing special on its own.

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