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    France Digital Nomad Visa – Latest Rules

    Can you get a France digital nomad visa? These are the latest ways to work as a digital nomad in France.

    Why Should I Work Remotely in France?

    France is a popular tourist destination for many reasons. Some of the most notable attractions include:

    • Its rich history and cultural heritage, with landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and Notre Dame Cathedral.
    • Its beautiful landscapes and scenic countryside, including the French Riviera, the Loire Valley, and the Normandy coast.
    • Its famous wine regions, such as Bordeaux and Champagne, which offer opportunities for wine tasting and tours.
    • Its delicious cuisine, featuring famous dishes such as escargots (snails), ratatouille, and coq au vin.
    • Its fashion and luxury goods, including designer clothing and perfumes.
    • Its lively cities like Paris and Marseille and charming towns like Strasbourg and Avignon. It also has many events and festivals throughout the year.
    France digital nomad visa

    Does France Offer a France Digital Nomad Visa?

    Right now (as of Jan 2023), there is no France digital nomad visa. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t work there as a digital nomad.

    If you’re an EU or EEA citizen

    EU (European Union) and EEA (European Economic Area) citizens can live and work in France as digital nomads without any restrictions for up to 3 months. These countries are members of the EU and EEA.

    Extending the France digital nomad Visa

    They must register their stay at a local registration hall to extend their visa stay period after three months. In order to extend your stay beyond the period of validity of your visa, you must apply for a residence permit at a prefecture.

    During its period of validity, the long-stay visa is equivalent to a Schengen visa, enabling you to move around and stay in the Schengen Area outside France for periods not exceeding 90 days over any period of 180 consecutive days, under the same conditions as if you held a Schengen visa.

    If you’re not an EU or EEA citizen

    As a non-EU citizen, you must find a job in France (for a French company). It is illegal to work remotely as a digital nomad with a French tourist visa or during your visa-free stay.

    There are other types of French work visas.

    France digital nomad visa

    Entrepreneur Professional (The Profession Liberale) Visa

    Another alternative to a France digital nomad visa is the Profession Liberale visa. With this, you can work as a freelancer in France. You can create or participate in a commercial, industrial, or artisanal activity or work in a liberal profession in France for 1 year. The business you intend to create must be beneficial to the economy of France.

    To apply for a France entrepreneur professional visa, you must fulfil the eligibility criteria below:

    • Provide proof of economically viable activity.
    • If you join an existing company, you must have a minimum wage of €20,147.40 as of August 1, 2022.
    • Your job must be compatible with the public safety, health, and order requirements of France.

    The Embassy or Consulate will issue you a long-stay visa, which is similar to a residence permit good for 12 months if you meet the requirements and intend to stay in France for 12 months or fewer.

    International Talents Visa

    The multi-year “passeport talent” residence permit was created to help foreign employees and self-employed persons develop France’s economic attractiveness. Your employment contract and your stay in France must exceed 3 months. It will allow you to stay for a maximum of 4 years commencing on the date of your arrival in France.

    Your family members may also accompany you and will be issued multi-year residence permits. This permit will authorise your spouse and any children entering into their 18th year to work. In the three months following your arrival in France, you and your family must visit your local police station in France to request a multi-year residence permit corresponding to your situation.

    EU Countries with Digital Nomad Visas

    Since France does not have a digital nomad visa and has not announced its release any time soon, you can work in any of the EU countries below that have a digital nomad visa:

    • Croatia
    • Cyprus
    • Estonia
    • Greece
    • Hungary
    • Iceland
    • Latvia
    • Malta
    • Romania
    • The Netherlands
    • Norway
    France digital nomad visa


    France digital nomad visa

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