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    Delicious Fluffy American Pancakes Recipe (Dairy & Sugar-Free)

    This fluffy American pancakes recipe is delicious and completely guilt-free.

    See below for sugar-free, vegan, & banana variants of these dairy-free, delicious, fluffy American pancakes.

    Dairy Free Fluffy American Pancakes Recipe


    • 1 egg
    • 125g/4½oz self-raising flour
    • 1 tbsp stevia sweetener / 2 tbsp caster sugar
    • 1 tsp baking powder
    • Good pinch of sea salt
    • 150ml/5fl oz oat milk or almond milk
    • ¼ tsp vanilla extract (optional)
    • 4 tsp olive oil, for frying


    1. Beat the egg in a bowl.
    2. Add the flour, sugar/stevia, baking powder & salt to the bowl and mix thoroughly. Add the milk and vanilla extract and whisk until smooth.
    3. Place a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat. Add 2 teaspoons of the oil and roll around the pan.
    4. Once the pan is hot, pour a small ladleful (around two dessert spoons) of the batter into one side of the pan and spread with the back of the spoon until around 10cm/4in in diameter.
    5. Cook for about a minute, or until bubbles are popping on the surface and just the edges look dry and slightly shiny. Quickly and carefully flip over and cook on the other side for a further minute, or until light, fluffy and pale golden brown. If you turn the pancakes too late, they will be too set to rise evenly. You can always flip again if you need the first side to go a little browner.
    6. Transfer to a warm plate or keep warm on a baking tray in a low oven while the rest of the pancakes are cooked in exactly the same way. Serve with your preferred toppings.
    Dairy Free Fluffy American Pancakes Recipe

    Sugar or Sweetener

    This fluffy American pancakes recipe works with either sugar, or, for a sugar-free variant, with a sweetener like stevia (which is plant-based). Simply replace the sugar with the equivalent amount of your favourite sweetener.

    Banana Variant

    Mash up 1 banana and add it to the batter for some extra nutritious flavour.

    Vegan Variant

    Simply take the egg out. Your pancakes will still be tasty, if not as nutritious or fluffy.

    Which Milk to Use?

    Oat milk is my favourite because it has a higher percentage than nut milks. However, a good nut milk also works well, as does rice milk.

    Serving Suggestions

    For an indulgent breakfast, try syrup, Biscoff spread, Nutella, melted chocolate, or honey. Pour some between each layer of pancake so none of them get dry.

    To keep the American theme authentic, try cooking some rashers of crispy bacon under the grill to serve alongside.

    For a health kick, have a sugar-free sauce or add some chopped fruit. Berries like strawberries and blueberries are among the lowest in sugar, but bananas are equally irresistible.

    Fluffy American pancakes recipe


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