Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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    Christmas Traditions & Favourite Christmas Films

    It’s already nearly Christmas and I’ve been so unorganised this year I still haven’t bought any presents. I’ll have to squeeze everything into the next few days, including my annual Christmas traditions! I love Christmas traditions – things we all like to do this time of year, that bring us together, get us in the festive spirit, and that simply wouldn’t work any other month. I feel I’m always behind in getting the house festive each year, and it’s certainly true this year, because I’d rather be festive way before Christmas and then take the decorations down almost straight after.

    Let’s begin with the calendar. I really don’t like those disposable rubbish ones with the same chocolate every day. I used to have like a wooden house style one that I refill with preferably Quality Street annually. Then I had a Wooden lorry one, but this year I couldn’t get it, so I just have a bag of Quality Street that I eat from every day I remember.

    I’d prefer a live tree, but we only have a little silver one this year, although I have one in my room too, and I bought some festive tea lights to chill out with this year. we also have some nice ceiling decorations for the living room.

    Every year, I like to have either a Christmas cake or Christmas pudding, and this year it’s a pudding I plan to set on fire, you know, like they do. Mum always makes these because she’s so good at it.

    I, however, have taken over mince pie duty these last couple of years, and have the homemade mince meat in a jar ready for the homemade pastry. Even if I east most of them, it’s not Christmas without homemade mince pies.

    Oh! Christmas films! I have two favourites, and I for one do not watch Elf every year. The first film is Christmas with the Kranks, which is a great comedy with Tim Allen. It’s actually based off a John Grisham book which I did read, but it’s nowhere near as good and not really funny at all, because the two funniest scenes in the film (botox scene and Hickory Honey Ham scene) aren’t actually in the book. Anyway, it’s a great film and we watch it pretty much every year.

    The other film is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It’s more family-friendly than the original Vacation haha, and it’s a really funny comedy with Chevy Chase. Speaking of Vacation, I should probably watch European and Vegas Vacation. I did see the new remake of the original Vacation with Ed Helms though, and actually reviewed it here.

    Anyway, there are my Christmas traditions. I really want to hear yours so leave a comment and tell me what you do every year!

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