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9 Best Things to Do in Magaluf


Magaluf a beautiful party town on the Spanish island of Majorca, with gorgeous beaches and sunny weather. It is a resort famous for its lively nightlife and long sand beaches. Here you can enjoy the sun, sea, the beautiful beaches, boat rides, beach – everything. Let’s explore the best things to do in Magaluf.

Scuba Diving

Best things to do in Magaluf
Website, TripadvisorPrice: €39 snorkel trip, €69 scuba intro

With 350 miles of magnificent coastline available in Majorca, most obviously Magaluf offers great opportunities for scuba diving lovers. With crystal clear water and a beautiful underwater environment makes it more attractive for scuba divers.

Magaluf has two diving centres named “Big Blue Diving Mallorca” and “Norway Dive”. Both these centres are located in Torrenova, Palmanova, 1.5 km away from Magaluf.

The Big Blue diving centre is for professional scuba divers and the Norway Dive is a authorized PADI dive resort and one of the world’s largest educational organization for recreational diving.

Magaluf is a great place to become PADI or SSI qualified, and has some beautiful dive sites including a shipwreck and caves.

BCM Planet Dance

Best things to do in Magaluf
WebsitePrice: €40

Magaluf has lots of pub/bar crawls and small clubs. However, they pale in comparison to the large, famous BCM venue. The BCM planet Dance is located in the Magaluf resort offers three floors for various recreations. It’s only open during the ‘on-season’ in summer.

Upstairs, it has Europe’s largest, spectacular 3D Laser shows, sexy podium dancers, ice-cold Megatron that makes it the ultimate euphoric party atmosphere.

At the down-stairs, you can experience blast and crazy parties like foam party, water party, paint party, washing machine party etc.

It also offers the VIP Lounge, a big open terrace, smoking area and bars like Baywatch.

Home to DJs regularly, it’s expensive, but no lads’/lasses’ trip is complete without a visit to BCM, one of the wildest, booziest things to do in Magaluf.

Beaches – Things to Do in Magaluf

With an average July-August temperature of 30°C, one of the more relaxing things to do in Magaluf is sip a cold drink on the beach.

Magaluf has loads of lovely beaches for sunbathing and sand castles. On some beaches you’ll find watersports, like paddle boards to rent and peddle boats with slides built on the back of the boats.

Playa de Magaluf / Nikki Beach Mallorca

Best things to do in Magaluf

A beautiful sandy beach 16km long and 60m wide, this is the main beach of Magaluaf.

Playa de na Nadala / Playa Son Matias

Things to do in Magaluf

This one is located within a walking distance of Magaluf and Palmanova. This one is another popular sandy beach 1.2km long and 100m wide.

Things to do in Magaluf

This is a very popular beach located in the Palmanova Resort. The beach is 1km long and 60m wide.

Pirates Adventure

Best things to do in Magaluf
Website, TripadvisorPrice: €40+

Pirates adventure is a memorable night.

A very popular show with world class acrobatics, the pirates adventure show in Magaluf has amazed over 3 million people during the last 30 years. This show can be enjoyed with all the family members. Whereas Magaluf also offers another show called Pirates Reloaded which is an adult-only show. The Pirates Adventure show carries a fantastic reputation and thus becomes a must watch when you are in Magaluf.

You get a meal and there’s a bar to wash it down. There’s also a choice of theatre experience:

Pirates Adventure is a family-friendly, swashbuckling evening of adventure and fun.

Pirates Reloaded is an adults-only show, filled with booze, inuendos, and a much more explicit plot.

Western Water Park

Best things to do in Magaluf
Website, TripadvisorPrice: €30 adult

This one is considered to be the best water park among the three water parks in Mallorca. It offers all kind of water slides, for small children to the greatest daredevils. It also offers impressive houses and spectacular shows.

Blade Runner

Best things to do in Magaluf
Website, TripadvisorPrice: €55

Being into extreme/water sports, BladeRunner was the standout highlight of my trip. It’s a converted life boat turned speed boat, with 600 horsepower. The seats resemble those of rollercoasters, placed at the boat’s front with handles to grab on for dear life.

Once it leaves the harbour, you skim the waves, gettin air time and crashing back down in a soaking wet splash. You visit a cave, admire the cliffs, then stop in a cove to do paddle boarding, jump off the boat, try submarine-things, and snorkel.

Sol Wave House

Things to do in Magaluf
TripadvisorPrice: €25/hour

As well as being a hotel, SolWave House has an artificial wave machine that you can surf. Magaluf isn’t known for its huge surf crowd, because the ocean usually stays pretty calm. So, get to the wave house, have a drink, take your clothes off and fall over a few times/learn to surf here.

SOL Wave House All Suites offering free parking, a hairdresser, a swimming pool with spectacular views from the rooms. It also offers infinity pools, Bali beds and Sun Decks that makes it a modern beachfront hotel. Located very close to the city centre, enjoy this luxury if you are in Magaluf.

Oceans Beach Club

Things to do in Magaluf
Website, TripadvisorPrice: €12 entrance, €120 bed

Located at the centre of Magaluf, Ocean Beach club is the longest running, a home to biggest pool parties and number one daytime venue in Magaluf. It also hosts some biggest events such the Champagne Pool Party and the infamous Magaluf Full Moon Party.

Oceans beach club is also for a relaxing (perhaps hungover) day lounging around with drinks, on a bed (if you’re loaded), dancing by the pool to party tunes.

You can pay for just entrance, drinks packages, or a bed for the day which includes spending money during the day.

Katmandu Park

Best things to do in Magaluf
Website, TripadvisorPrice: €27 adult, €20 child

Katmandu Park is a great (half) day out for the family. It has lots of adventure-themed children’s attractions, as well as:

  • Brilliant outdoor crazy golf course
  • Small water park
  • Soft play area
  • 4D experience
  • Laser challenge

Other things to do in Magaluf can be found on the Magaluf Tripadvisor page.

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