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    Inside the Amsterdam Heineken Experience Review – What It’s Like!

    In the heart of Amsterdam, you will find the Home of Heineken – the Heineken Experience. A museum of sorts, here’s what it’s like inside.

    WebsitePrice: €21-25

    Speaking as someone who cannot comprehend why men enjoy the bitter taste of beer, this was awesome! Yes, it is effectively brand awareness for Heineken – you’re paying them to advertise to you, but it’s the most enjoyable museum I’ve been to!

    Inside the Heineken Experience Museum

    Heineken Experience


    Create a personalised bottle at the Amsterdam Heineken Experience Amsterdam

    The Heineken Experience utilises all 5 senses and doesn’t get boring at all.

    You walk from room to room, learning the history of the iconic brand from the 1800s with Gerard Adriaan Heineken gaining investment from his wealthy mother, to creating the world’s most recognisable brand.

    You continue through the various iterations of the brand’s bottles over the years, like travelling back in time. You learn all of the marketing campaigns and sports sponsorship deals that have taken place to further the brand.

    You even meet the horses that used to transport finished products around, and now still roam the city as brand ambassadors.

    The Brewing Process

    Beer Ingredients at the Amsterdam Heineken Experience

    You will learn what ingredients go into beer, the famous A-Yeast in Heineken, all about hops, and the 8-stage beer-brewing process.

    4D Experience

    Cinematic Experience at the Heineken Experience

    You queue up to this big vault-like door with staff guarding it. Once they let you in, the door closes, and on all sides, a countdown begins from 30 seconds.

    Suddenly (after 30 seconds), you’re surrounded on all sides – and ceiling and floor – by a bottle factory, zooming along the conveyor and being manufactured into a Heineken. SPLASH, fizzy liquid beer pours down from above. Then you’re transported to an exotic party with tropical tunes, being served and enjoyed by happy drinkers.

    The impressive cinematic experience takes around 5 minutes and is a standout highlight. So is what happens when you walk through the door to leave the vault…

    Beer Tasting

    Beer Tasting - Heineken Experience

    A sharply-dressed lady greets you in a formal bar setting with a round tray full of little Heineken glasses, perfectly filled with golden beer. You take one and admire the art of beer. Did you just say the art of beer? The lady teaches you how to pour and what to look out for:

    Look – foams until the arms of the star logo, golden colour, clarity.

    Smell – fruity notes, malty, crisp.

    Taste – bitter and rich, fresh, pure & balanced.

    The Best ‘Dam Bar

    The Best 'Dam Bar - Heineken Experience

    Lastly, you’re dumped into what might well be the coolest underground bar ever. It’s dark and green and the lady at the bar serves you two perfect little pints. You’re a little tipsy by this point, and after a while, eventually waddle out to the gift shop.

    You can purchase all the merch in the world, and even buy your own customised bottles.


    The Heineken Experience is easily the most enjoyable, impressive museum I’ve ever visited!

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