Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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    7 Productive Things to Do Inside

    Trust me, it does suck being stuck in your house with no freedom. But on the bright side, there’s lots of useful things to do inside here!

    Finish Your Netflix Watchlist

    Productive Things to Do Inside
    TV, Netflix, Prime, Chromecast – all good stuff. Clearing out your watchlist.

    Whether it’s your Sky+ planner, Netflix “My List”, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube “Watch Later”, whatever. Finally watching those true crime documentaries will provide a feeling of satisfaction as you clean up your digital life.

    Decorate the House

    So satisfying. Decorating is a good things to do.

    It doesn’t have to be a huge loft conversion. Think of those tasks you’ve been meaning to complete. Paint the stairs/doorframe/windowsill. One day, get the paint & brushes out. The next day, paint one layer. Little steps. Breathe.

    Do Some Cooking

    You don’t have to use such healthy ingredients

    We still need nutritious food when we’re cooped up inside, and cooking at least one meal a day is great. Search a simple bolognese (bolognaise?) recipe and buy a pot of basil for the windowsill to garnish the finished dish.

    Read a Book

    Reading is one of my 7 ideas to stay busy indoors

    Books are the best way to get more cultural and educated. So, one chapter a day is your challenge. 5 pages a day. If it’s a good book, you’ll get hooked on “just one more page.”

    Start Learning a Language

    Yo no hablo espanol. Learning a language is a good thing to do.

    A Duolingo lesson a day keeps the angry owl away!

    Finish a Video Game

    Friends not included. Finishing a game is a good things to do.

    A thrifty rule is: don’t allow yourself to buy a new game until you finish an old one. I read that finishing a video game generates the same feeling of satisfaction as completing a productive real-life task.

    Clean Your Room

    Polish those shoes! Cleaning, tidying, and organising is a good things to do.

    This is a great time to clean your shoes. Living in a dump isn’t going to enable a productive, happy life, so start putting some things away. This brings back memories of the Navy Seal speech about how making your bed can start to change your lifestyle.

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