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    3 Tips to Be More Productive Every Day

    There are 24 hours in a day, and we always feel more satisfied when we get things done, and earn our chill time. Here are the 3 biggest improvements that have improved my daily life and boosted my productivity.

    Get off your phone


    Many habits we do with our smartphone (using it during conversations, recording events rather than enjoying them, etc.) degrade our lives without us noticing. Phones are designed to be addictive and keep your eyes on them.

    Go to Apple’s screen time section, or download an app like Action Dash on Android. I was shocked to see I spent 2 hours every day on the phone – and for what? Forgettable social media? Seeing that there is a problem was a much-needed wake-up call. I uninstalled some apps and tweaked the rest so I’d get less notifications.

    I still use the phone too much, and it’s a work in progress. But the benefits of getting off it are that I think more clearly, and am more social/outgoing/extroverted because I don’t have that comfort blanket.

    In fact, before an important interaction like a job interview or presentation, I stay off screens for 30+ minutes beforehand so my brain wakes up!

    Bonus: Put the blue light filter/night mode on to save your eyes and sleep better.


    Spongebob. Productive without porn

    Here’s a weird one that goes by different names. No porn, and everything that goes with it (they all come hand-in-hand, pardon the pun). It’s harmful, and people report many, many benefits from quitting all that, and I encourage you to do your own research, but here are my results, aside from the obvious moral reasons:

    Mainly I’m glad to have more energy, and not be exhausted every day. But I don’t wander round in a daze anymore, have more energy, lift slightly heavier at the gym, have a little more free time, and don’t have any guilt.

    Here’s where it helps my productivity: That extra (nervous) energy I can channel elsewhere, into useful things.

    Get more sleep

    kevin james

    Sleep is the most underrated thing. It’s underrated because it can’t be sold. Nobody can charge you for it because sleep is completely free.

    Sleep literally enables us to function properly. It improves your immune system, and speeds recovery from illness and workouts. It gives you energy and improves your mood.

    So even though it takes time to get 8 hours of sleep, it will more than compensate in the improvement a good night’s kip will make to your remaining waking hours.

    BONUS: Get stuff done on your commute! On the train, crack out a laptop. When walking/driving, listen to an audiobook or podcast! I’ve got through so many fiction & non-fiction books that way.


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