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    My 2017 Year in Review – Highlights (Photos)

    We often spend time organising the future, planning, planning, and more planning what we’re going to do. But it’s worth a look back over the last year to remember what happened. So without further ado, here’s my ’17 year in review, along with pics of some of my favourite memories.

    2017 – What went well

    I became even better friends with the guys on my sponsored degree scheme whom I first met in 2016 when I got the job. Three-course meals on the company card followed by nights out and lots of alcohol. Some of the pictures of them (the racecourse one below) I literally can’t look at because I miss the London ones so much when we don’t see each other for months on end.

    University! Thankfully, I got some grades I’m delighted with, and as I said, the whole experience of cramming a module into one week, free hotel and all, is something I’ll seriously miss – so I’m gonna enjoy it while it lasts.

    What could have gone better

    I’ve had three jobs this year – marketing, HR, and sales – all in the same company, and while I did enjoy HR and the people on that floor, as a whole I haven’t enjoyed my job ūüôĀ

    2018 – Resolutions and focuses this year

    Every good year in review naturally leads onto improving oneself the next year. If you get¬†one¬†percent better each day¬†for one year, you’ll end up thirty-seven times¬†better¬†by the time you’re¬†done.

    Enjoy the uni weeks and eat every free meal in sight, drink every drink offered and club like nobody will remember.

    Travel more (already on with it) of the world to see the sights, experience the culture, and feel the atmosphere.

    Do some extreme sports between travels. This is something I’ve never experimented with before, but let’s tick off some bucket list things while I can.

    Get in shape. If I don’t now, I never will!

    Look out for myself. Somebody has to, so I’ll take risks and jump on opportunities, but put myself first for the first time in a long time.


    1.2 trillion photos were taken this year. Here are mine.

    2017 year in review
    2017 year in review
    2017 year in review
    hot air balloons
    Lantern festival


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