Sunday, July 3, 2022

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    2016 Resolutions

    Here we go, on the record now so I’ll have to do these 11 things!

    1. Do a video a week
    2. I will not bore my teachers with the same excuses for missing lessons; I will come up with some new ones!
    3. Take more photos
    4. Stop eating sweets
    5. Drink more water
    6. Remain single – made this resolution a couple years ago and intend not to break it this time
    7. Be more honest with people (is what I meant to say in the video)
    8. Turn my hobby into a career – or at least begin to
    9. Face my fears and insecurities by doing things outside of my comfort zone
    10. Don’t take people too seriously
    11. Reach 100 subscribers

    BTW, if you want to get into a good habit, there are a couple good apps to help, like Rewire and Habitbull – you may find them useful!

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