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    10 Amazing Things To Do in Greece – Beaches, Water Sports

    The nation of Greece is so infused with ancient mythology, we feel we are going to explore a land of cultural heritage with blue seas all around and covered with dainty white buildings. Pretty coastal towns, beautiful museums, crumbling ruins – all these are associated so much with Greece.

    But other than experiencing the history, if you are really looking for something more exciting, more adventurous, then Greece will not disappoint you there either.

    Let’s take a tour of some adventurous things to do in Greece…


    Things to do in Greece

    What else can give a stunning view of Greece from the sky other than skydiving? There are several companies in Greece who offers you this service. If you are a beginner, you just need to go for a training programme. So, try this adventure sport if you really want to experience something totally different

    Scuba Diving in New Marki Beach

    Things to do in Greece

    The Marki beach in Athens, Greece is on the top of list for scuba diving and open sea diving. Just wear those fancy diving costume and enjoy the scuba diving in dark blue currents along with the school of fish.

    Bungy Jumping

    Things to do in Greece

    If you are really looking for some excitement in your life, bungy jumping can be one of your favourite choices. In Greece, you may try jumping at the height of 100m from Corinth Canal Bridge. Of course, a trained team will assist you while going on this adventure.

    River Rafting

    Things to do in Greece

    Greece is home to a large number of rivers. River rafting is offered in Arcadia, Peloponnese and even in Mount Olympus. Enjoy the natural beauty along with the adventure.

    Jet Skiing

    Things to do in Greece

    The Falassarna beach is a heaven of various water sport in Greece. Some of them include Jet skiing, boating, water surfing etc. Enjoy Jet Skiing along with your friends and family here. It’s a 20-minute burst of adrenaline, especially if the wind picks up and the waves get choppy!


    Things to do in Greece

    Just imagine yourself flying like a bird in the beautiful sky with the stunning beauty of Greece floating beneath you. Just go for it with an experienced and certified pilot and have a lifetime of experience. The tours can take you through Corfu, Lefkada, Drama, Mount Olympus, Plastiras etc over beautiful forests, stunning rivers and picturesque villages etc.

    Rock Climbing

    Things to do in Greece

    Thanks to the mountainous landscape of Greece, it is a great destination for rock climbing. The islands of Kalymnos, Dodecanese islands, & Meteora are few destinations in Greece which offers you beautiful rock formation suitable for rock climbing.


    Things to do in Greece

    Gabriel’s Water Sports in Rhodes Greece is a must mention if you looking for adventurous sports. You must not miss the parasailing offered here if you are looking for some real excitement.

    The activities offered are parasailing, tubing, water-skiing and many others.

    Float in shallow water – Tsampika Beach

    Things to do in Greece

    Considered to be one the most beautiful beaches on the island of Rhodes, Tsambika Beach (or Tsampika Beach) is located just 26km (17miles) from Rhodes town. The name originates from the name of a small monastery called the Virgin of Tsambika, which lies 340 meters up a hill.

    Floating in shallow water in Tsampika beach can be so relaxing if you are looking for something very different. Try this out and have a great experience.


    Things to do in Greece

    Kayaking should also be on your list if you are looking for water sports in Greece. There are several places in Greece which offer you Kayaking along with water surfing, parasailing etc.

    So, we have a list of adventurous, sporty things to do in Greece. Make your own itinerary and enjoy Greece with all your heart. It’s a truly beautiful country with rich history, culture, and very friendly people.

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